nitsua is a Hip-Hop/Nu-Jazz producer from California, United States. He was previously signed to Hydeout Productions, a hip-hop label that was created by Nujabes. nitsua founded his own record label 「visioneternal」 in 2010 and has continued to create music for himself, as well as produce for others.

You may recognize nitsua from his track 「Lost In Translation」 or 「No One Like You」 off the 「Modal Soul Classics II」 tribute album. While this seems like the extent of nitsua's relationship with Nujabes, their association dates back to 2007 during the hayday of Myspace. Since then, nitsua has begun his own label, collaborated with multiple artists, and has been constantly creating music.

nitsua's debut album 「dayscape」released in 2015 with rockwell production shop. The follow up album 「Safety In The Sun」released in 2019, featuring acts such as Apollo Bebop, reciteall and Substantial. With this album came a secondary album「Safety In The Moon」, released later in the same year, meant as a complimentary album with a more mellow, softer tone.

「All Nujabes did was believe in me, and that changed my life forever. I'm forever thankful to be a part of something so great.」 -nitsua